We Make Professional Prototypes and One-off Solutions

CNC Machined Aluminium Part by BLJ Engineering


What we design and make for our customers


  • Electromechanical devices that includes electric motors, linear actuators, lights, sensors, control units etc. These devices are often combined with electronic circuits for monitoring and control of the whole system.
  • CNC machined parts, turned parts (lathe).
  • Robotic arms and manipulators.
  • CNC machined aluminium injection molds for various plastic parts.
  • Custom brackets, jigs, fixtures and workholding.
  • Resin potting molds for sensors, wires and electronics. These can be made out of aluminium, steel or plastic, depending on the use case. 
  • Plastic molds for resin casting of wind turbine blades.
  • Rollers, pulleys, gears.
  • High temp silicone molds.
  • Manual and automatic grippers.
  • Automated systems like self driving boats and vehicles.
  • Dispenser systems, rotating equipment and linear motion for industry and science.
  • Enclosures with custom CNC machined cut-outs. 
  • Signs, decals, plaques, safety tags etc.


And the list goes on. We can design and fabricate just about any part you need to complete your project. Just give us a call -it's that simple.